India Shikari
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ESO: rahuru

14 Mar 2019, 14:13

Whats the difference between all the musketeers
Like i know ashi has more speed.
But i dont know about other
Like are sepoy just stronger musketeer dont they have bettee melle dmg then normal musketeers?
What about janns are they also just buff musks or something special.
Tomahawk also different.
British musks?
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France [Armag] diarouga
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14 Mar 2019, 14:30

Sepoys are just better, more attack, more hp and they die in 3 TC hits.
Janissaries have more hp but less attack per cost, so they're more tanky.
Tomahawks are slightly worse in range combat but they're better in melee than normal musks.
British musks are the same, except they can be upgraded with shipments and to redcoat.
Ruskets are weaker musks.
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India gh0st
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ESO: gh0st007
Location: India

14 Mar 2019, 15:08

SirMusketeer, best Musketeer
India Shikari
Posts: 154
ESO: rahuru

14 Mar 2019, 16:45

Doesn't tomahawks also have more siege?
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Singapore Thrar
ESOC Dev Team
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ESO: Thrar

15 Mar 2019, 03:19

There is this comparison spreadsheet that lets you look up all the numbers. It's old, but should be accurate for the official patch.

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