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France Kaiserklein
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29 May 2019, 12:04

The trouble is that cuirs are more mobile and also get trained instantly on re in team or treaty. That's why even full cuir is scary, upped musks do totally fine vs cuirs but they're too slow. And you can't catch them with hand cav cause your cav dies, if you try to kill them with goons you need to kite constantly. Also the fact that france gets 20 extra pop of them makes it even harder.
But yeah skirm + cuir is way scarier
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Brazil macacoalbino
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31 May 2019, 19:54

I always thought insta spamming in different sides of the map was already too strong. You kill 120 pop in one side, then you have to fight it again in the other side with just whatever you lost in the other battle because you don't have free pop to spam there. Walking to the other side lets the cuirs do damage and once you deal with them they're spawning again across the map. Unless you delete your shit, idk if it's possible to deal with this...
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