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Great Britain Riotcoke
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19 Jul 2019, 18:32

crjensen4 wrote:I don’t remember my first game. Was sometime back in 2006 - might have been vs my younger brother who got me back to the aoe series (I played aoe 1 when it was released with him on my lab). Would be fun to find that first matchup.
I do remember my first game on tad. Everyone was a conscript - and my opponent was Parfait. He had just come back from his second place at the wcg where he lost to Iamgrunt. He steamrolled me in the first game and was kind enough to play me for a second where the game was recorded - boy did I learn some things using japan.
Fun times

Do you have the rec, would be really nice to see :D
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India _RDX_
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19 Jul 2019, 18:39

I started as a voobly player at first where there used to be more than 100 people online back then. I guess the first match i played was a 2v2 on gp, my team mate was playing otto and as far as i remember, we had a french playing opponent. I didn't know wtf to pick, i just randomly picked india because i thought rajputs were op because of their accent. I aged like at 8 mins, my team mate was doing 1v2 with jans and abus. I was like 'Ah, i have uh...2 sepoys, I think, i can help him out' but fortunately that guy didn't flame me, he was genuine and said 'your sepoys are too strong'. That was like a god meeting moment for me. I replied to him 'Your jannisaries are strong too' and the last thing i remember in that game was building too many castles near tc for no reason and getting rekt by 30 gendarmes.
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Denmark crjensen4
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19 Jul 2019, 18:45

Riotcoke wrote:Do you have the rec, would be really nice to see :D

I wish I did. It was on my old laptop and that one is long gone. Sure would be fun to watch it again and learn from it.
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Brazil macacoalbino
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20 Jul 2019, 06:07

Papist wrote:When I first logged onto ESO, I had been playing AoE3 against the computer for 3-4 years, so I felt well-prepared for competitive online play. I joined a sergeant’s game on Amazonia playing as Brits with him as Spain. I ended up losing when he killed my trained caravel and spammed lancers into my eco from a galleon. Despite losing badly, I still remember the game fondly :kinggreen:

Does anyone else remember their first game? Did you crash and burn, or did you pull of a victory?

Picked Spain cause it was the begginer's civ in the manual. Went in, made a church to ageup (cause of age of mythology) just barely built my mill when jans started streaming in my town. It was the first time I saw the strategy that would haunt me for a long long time
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Poland iCourt
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09 Aug 2019, 03:54

My first game was a random 2v2 with Fangor on Mac GR. He taught me quite a bit. Such as how to counter units and that he is always going to select the green color. Good times playing with Alex!

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