No Flag nightscr3am
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07 Sep 2016, 12:10

hes like a shittier version of me
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United States of America n0el
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07 Sep 2016, 12:12

nightscr3am wrote:hes like a shittier version of me

A truer thing has never been said
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Italy Garja
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07 Sep 2016, 12:16


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Kiribati SirCallen
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20 Apr 2019, 17:52

WickedCossack wrote:I lost to his halb FF once also. I thought I could counter it with fast blackrider. My TC died 3 seconds before the blackriders popped out -.-

Now I just stick to safe villager pulls :D

Recently botched a villager pull fight vs piro halb ff as jap. Ended with 13 vills but still won. People always say his micro is bad but really it's nonexistent.
Hier bin i'.
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India rsy
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20 Apr 2019, 18:22

hey it can't be bad if it doesn't exist. just another classic genius thing for piroshiki to do
No Flag deleted_user0
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20 Apr 2019, 19:14

Lost like a year ago, 5am after a club with prince. No memories about strat or the game.
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United States of America Cometk
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20 Apr 2019, 19:34

Schrödinger’s FF
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Great Britain thomasgreen6
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20 Apr 2019, 19:41

'I'm gonna win this and I'm just gonna enjoy it' - Tibia 2k18
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Armenia Sargsyan
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20 Apr 2019, 20:20

@greatscythe11's german is the best imo, he polishes it everyday on great plains
krichk wrote:For some reason, you want the world to know that you're brave enough to challenge thebritish
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Finland princeofkabul
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21 Apr 2019, 11:09

somppukunkku wrote:Lost like a year ago, 5am after a club with prince. No memories about strat or the game.

Somali laughing hysterically " I lost to ballsweat!" multiple times. (our nickname for piroshiki, in Finnish language "pallihiki")
Co-Founder of Somali Kabuli Gaming
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Holy See Imperial Noob
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06 May 2019, 22:12

The only time I lost to piroshiki was when I tried to eat too many of them
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Australia VooDoo_BoSs
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06 May 2019, 23:24

Used to lose a lot to him, have been okay the past ~3 years.

Fortunately, he hasn't learned how to make vills yet so as long as you last until 11-12 minutes you should be OK.

He's also given up on fast revolution which, I think, is still a pretty strong strategy.
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China fei123456
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07 May 2019, 07:43

I don't think piro is that weak.
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India Ashvin
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07 May 2019, 08:07

That's like 4 years ago
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Poland pecelot
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07 May 2019, 08:07

that confirms everything
After all... :?
Bhutan jgals
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12 May 2019, 13:53

Spanish church card as I've posted about. One of the low points of my aoe career
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Holy See Imperial Noob
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12 May 2019, 16:33

Ashvin wrote:That's like 4 years ago

That's, like, 2015 _H2O
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Brazil look
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12 May 2019, 17:43

everybody already died for him
Kaiser sucks
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grunt the best
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24 May 2019, 02:08

atleast gua has lost to something a little trolly

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