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Netherlands Goodspeed
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10 Jun 2015, 22:27

Given the success of last tournaments betting event and because why the hell not, Ive decided to host a new betting event to go with the smackdowns :) As most of you know, there are weekly showmatches on saturday between top players (Best of 7) hosted by Zutazuta and its always a fun watch. How about we raise the stakes?

Of course the points are imaginary, there is no real money involved its all just for fun. Unlike for the tournament, there wont be a prize this time.
I plan to continue until the next tournament, there will be no point resets so be careful you dont bet too much ')

You can bet on the following match:

Blackstar_OP vs Aizamk

Read the news post here

How it works
Everyone starts with 1000 points. You can bet all of your points each round, but of course considering how many games are coming up it would be wise to save some.

You dont have to sign up anywhere. You can just place your bet in this thread and it will be counted. You can edit your bets but only before the match of course.

Its a best of 7, so there are 10 possible results you can bet on:
Player a winning
Player b winning
Player a winning 4-0
Player b winning 4-0
Player a winning 4-1
Player b winning 4-1
Player a winning 4-2
Player b winning 4-2
Player a winning 4-3
Player b winning 4-3

The system works in such a way that betting on results that very few others bet on gets you a higher rate of payout if that result should happen, but of course disagreeing with other betters generally means you are betting on an unlikely result. This way it evens out, and of course the best way to win is to bet according to how you think the games will go, though strategically throwing some points on a result that is not too unlikely but people havent been betting on can be quite rewarding.

Betting on a player winning gets you less bang for your buck as well because it is lower risk. For max profits bet on the specific results.

Most of the rules from the tournament event are gone because there is no cash prize this time. The only rule is that you cannot edit your bets after the match started.
Note that it is allowed to donate to anyone with under 1000 points.

Place your bets and best of luck, my fellow gamblers!

Current standings:
Note: last column shows points won/lost last match.

Any questions? Ask in this thread or message me.
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Netherlands MCJim
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10 Jun 2015, 22:39

600 on Blackstar_OP winning vs Aizamk.
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Netherlands edeholland
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10 Jun 2015, 23:05

1000 points on Blackstar winning 4-1

Sorry Aiz :( I want you to win, that's why I bet on Blackstar. I always win now :D
No Flag Mirari
Posts: 79

10 Jun 2015, 23:12

150 on BS_op winning 4-3
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No Flag phillnick
Posts: 19

10 Jun 2015, 23:21

500 blackstar winning 4-1
500 blackstar winning 4-2
Netherlands momuuu
Posts: 14237
ESO: Jerom_

10 Jun 2015, 23:21

800 on blackstar winning 4-0
100 on blackstar winning 4-2
90 on blackstar winning
10 on aizamk winning
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Switzerland niedhalf
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ESO: Niedhalf
Location: Winterthur, Switzerland

10 Jun 2015, 23:24

well lets see

1k BS winning 4-0
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Malaysia Aizamk
Pro Player
ESOC WarChiefs Classic 2017
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Location: ded

10 Jun 2015, 23:28

1 point on Aizamk 4-0

I donate 999 points to yoda
No Flag cowhax
Posts: 167

10 Jun 2015, 23:36

200 points (all) on Aizamk.

If anybody wants to donate points to me for this noble cause, or bet under my name, I won't refuse. I'm not looking for charity, I'm looking for victory!
No Flag deleted_user0
Posts: 13004

10 Jun 2015, 23:56

750 bs 4-0
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France benj89
Posts: 1508

11 Jun 2015, 00:25

50 bs win 4-1
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Brazil lemmings121
Posts: 2510
ESO: lemmings121

11 Jun 2015, 00:37

500 bs 4-1
No Flag slay3r19
Posts: 36

11 Jun 2015, 00:58

1000 on BS-OP winning
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Sweden Zutazuta
Posts: 817

11 Jun 2015, 01:50

112 on Aiz winning 4-2
No Flag Janer
Posts: 35

11 Jun 2015, 01:56

500 on 4-2... for BS
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No Flag Jaeger
Posts: 4464

11 Jun 2015, 02:26

400 blackstar winning
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Germany yemshi
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ESO: yemshi
Location: Germany

11 Jun 2015, 03:23

450 on blackstar winning 4-2
300 on Aizamk winning 4-3
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United States of America giveuanxiety
Advanced Player
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ESO: GiveUAnxiety

11 Jun 2015, 03:30

600 black star winning
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Great Britain CuCkO0
Posts: 326
Location: Britain

11 Jun 2015, 03:45

50 on blackstar 4-1
50 on blackstar 4-2
50 on blackstar 4-3

1000 on blackstar winning
50 on aizamk winning
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United States of America Cometk
ESOC Media Team
Posts: 6185
Location: California

11 Jun 2015, 04:10

323 on bs_op winning
50 on bs_op 4-2

No Flag mnogud
Posts: 904

11 Jun 2015, 05:07

1000 on BS winning 4-0
41 on BS winning
No Flag lordcharlie131
Posts: 60

11 Jun 2015, 09:35

200 on Blackstar winning
150 on Blackstar winning 4-0
50 on Blackstar winning 4-1
No Flag musketjr
Posts: 624

11 Jun 2015, 10:54

i donate 1 point to yoda

999 on aiz 4 - 0
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France [Armag] diarouga
Posts: 12563
ESO: diarouga
Location: France

11 Jun 2015, 11:02

musketjr wrote:i donate 1 point to yoda

999 on aiz 4 - 0
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Great Britain samwise12
Pro Player
Summer 2015 winner
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ESO: Samwise12
Location: United Kingdom

11 Jun 2015, 11:22

120 on bs 4-3

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