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Switzerland niedhalf
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25 Jan 2017, 16:37

Hey there

Today at 20:00 GMT GiveUAnxiety will be facing Jerom in the Round of 8 of the Insight New Year's Invitational 2017. Make sure to go and vote for your favourite Maps.
The series will be a BO5 so I suggest you vote for max 5 Maps.

The Poll will be evaluated before Game 1 starts. The first map that will be played is the one with the best score in the Poll, the second one the one with second best score and so on; you get the idea ;).

So go and vote and i see you at 20 GMT on ESOCSite Twitch ;).

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Poland pecelot
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25 Jan 2017, 19:12

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Le lion ne s'associe pas avec le cafard ! :food: :pop:

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