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04 Mar 2019, 03:07

Hello friends,

today I have a very special thing to announce; the Population Statistics page has been released. This project is something you may have vaguely heard about, or seen me leak some little bits of information from before, but now we're at the big finale, so to say. The page we're getting out of this is the end result of my on and off work over the past 3 years, entailing work on compiling existing historical data, automated mining of new data from various sources, analyzing the data and preparing meaningful views out of them, and finally, work on the public-facing page that is able to utilize this data and present them effectively, in a graphical form. Since I've been working towards this goal for such a long time, the release marks a big moment for me. The project's start even predates my involvement with the ESOC Dev Team, as I was initially implementing it on my own website; until I made a related thread on ESOC, and was subsequently contacted about joining the team.

With all that out of the way, here you can witness the page itself in action:

This thread should serve as a place to offer feedback on the page, sharing ideas for improvement or potential issues experienced.

Thank you for your continued support of ESOC :flowers:

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