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28 Sep 2017, 06:05

lemmings121 wrote:
Gichtenlord wrote:
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Dont you think thats the same in aoe3?

To a certain extent, yes, thats rts in general, but imo aoe3 is much more forgiving then sc2.

frostibite wrote:
lemmings121 wrote:problem with sc2 is that it takes at least one thousand games to stop losing to complete bullshit out of nowhere in most of your games, thats what actually puts me off with the game
"hey, cool macro game bro! nice strats! impressive adaptation! ah, sorry, you should know that in this map in this mu in this bo is possible to drop one widow mine at 7:42, and you failed to dogde the shot and it killed all your eco. gg."

This is spot on, however the new balance team is changing this aspect as we speak so this argument will become irrelevant

Thats good to hear, i might check it out to see the current state of the game.

I actually enjoyed wings the most, hots added more ways to "harass and make the game interesting", but for non-masters, that means "more ways to win or lose in a blink of an eye because non ideal play"
when lotv came out and added even more focus on this 'harass' part of the game I just lost interest, I didnt even buy the game...

Yeah LOTV got ridiculous with the harass. David kim is the guy who was in charge of the balance team for like the past 3 years. David resigned to work on a different blizzard game and now someone new took over and they are doing all the right things. Take a look at the patch notes when you get a chance, I think you'll be impressed. The patch isn't official but they are doing balance testing with it
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28 Sep 2017, 06:10

lemmings121 wrote:
NyxAchlys9 wrote:Went to bed when absolutely everyone else was from brazil

Nice call. You should avoid those kind of people.

Never turn your back against llamas !!!! :sad: :sad: :sad:
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28 Sep 2017, 17:06

Rikikipu wrote:
tedere12 wrote:https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/mobile/folders/0B2SDa0ZaBkfmQjJCbTBYODZvZnM?usp=sharing

I think that with his patch, thebritish has joined the very private hall of fame of "We still don't know if those guys are humans or bots" composed by piroshiki, scrout and Krec

we could also add vthan and HoHiHoHi to the list :hmm:
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