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29 Sep 2017, 11:53

somppukunkku wrote:1. Send sepoy to enemy base. You can either send 6 brit consulate musks or in a map with good hunts send 4v and big trickle. If CM is sent or defence is solid, move to step 2.

2. Age up with atleast 4 vills on your wonder, preferably with Gate. Upgrade sepoys, buy mansadbar sepoy and ship +10% sepoy hp+attack. At this point you have +300hp sepoy that wins any porto unit (except cassadors but ONLY if microed). In close combat your sepoys rape cassas like I rape kickass.

3. Ship Urumis, spam more sepoy and add a few gurkhas if you don't want to be labeled as a sepoy lamer. At this point you can't lose a battle because your sepoys have stats of IV unit and they combine well with urumis.

4. If porto goes IV with MM+Fort/other shit, simply follow. Keep sending urumis and spamming IV sepoy.

Should be easy4india. You don't need any other unit but sepoy and urumi.

thats the boring part of india, you often realise they have lots of options and cool units, but sepoy is just better in 99% of the cases

fei123456 wrote:why dont mass gurkha with brit consulate+10%hp/atk+mansabdar?

because sepoy... a few gurka for the extra range vs goon is nice, but if you mass gurka you need zambs to anticav, meaning you have less stuff to actually shoot stuff, and then you have no siege. It works, and imo if "perfectly controled" its better then sepoy lame, but you need to have 35+ micro and macro, without that... Sepoy good unit.

There is a tit vs a boneng port FI game, where tit just does the most obvious and simple mass sepoy, age up, more sepoy, siege eles, ggnore.

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