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02 Aug 2020, 09:21

"Hong Kong Express" by Wong Kar-wai
Anything by M. Antonioni, like "Eclisse", "Deserto Rosso", "Blow-Up"...
Anderson's "There Will Be Blood"
"Bianca" by N. Moretti
D. Lynch, beginning with "Twin Peaks" (even if it is a serie)
Eric Rohmer
The "Three colors trilogy" by K. Kieślowski
I like some films by X. Dolan too: "Les amours imaginaires", "Laurence Anyways", "Mommy", "Juste la fin du monde"
Fellini's "Amarcord", "La dolce vita", "Otto e mezzo"
"Pane e tulipani" by S. Soldini
J. C. Lynch, "Lucky"
"A comédia de Deus" by J. C. Monteiro
Kubrick's "Barry lyndon"
M. Haneke, for example "Funny games" (there are two versions), "Amour"...
Di jiu tian chang, "So long, my son"
Bong Joon-ho, "Parasite"
K. Loach, "Ladybird Ladybird"
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02 Aug 2020, 17:37


never ending bs

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