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13 Feb 2018, 03:25

My first post, circa March 2015 :blush:
Papist wrote:@frycookofdoom. WTF are you talking about? There is no need for AoE to become a StarCraft rip-off. I sincerly doubt a historical game would attract the science fiction crowd anyways.
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13 Feb 2018, 13:06

It isnt actually very cold here. Just once, maybe twice, can we go recreational iceskating on the little ponds and stuff. The amsterdam canals, just like the ones in my city, usually have a higher temperature. Its waste disposal or something along those lines, but Ive only once seen the canals in utrecht freeze, and that was after four days of ten to twenty degrees celsius below freezing point. Those things just dont freeze.

I read somewhere that the actual reason we excell at iceskating is that its become so popular that there are branded teams that ice skaters can join. They can focus fully on the sport then, unlike some others.

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