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No Flag umeu
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16 May 2019, 13:08

Goodspeed wrote:Medieval: Total war

Good times lol. Also knights and merchants and gta2 haha

Rtw:eb was the best tho.

Also spent way too much time on fm2007 and ck2...
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Netherlands Goodspeed
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16 May 2019, 13:10

For me it was the multiplayer battles that gave MTW insane replay value and was my introduction to online communities. I played RTW a lot for the campaigns but not so much multiplayer. And KaM, definitely. I still play that sometimes, actually. The remake is bug free and made multiplayer possible. We should play sometime
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United States of America evilcheadar
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16 May 2019, 13:12

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Kiribati SirCallen
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16 May 2019, 14:23

Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion was able to transport me in middle school into a vibrant world as well as any video game ever has and ever will, since I'm old now.
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Netherlands Goodspeed
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16 May 2019, 14:28

I remember playing that game 90 hours in 1 week when I first got it. And I was like level 4 after that much time because I didn't understand the leveling system at all lol. For which I don't really blame myself
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No Flag lejend
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16 May 2019, 15:38

I think I put 110 hours into Skyrim in one winter a few years ago. Haven't played it since. I miss it.

Earth MrRewindThat
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27 May 2019, 08:46

1) Halo Franchise..
2) cod4
3) forza motorsport
4) forza horizon
5) need for speed franchise

Any other game is social and pleasure on a 1 off basis,

I log in to my world of warships account once in a while, but it doesn’t keep me playing for long periods... it’s a bit too slow for me and I’m not taken away by fancy affects over fast gameplay ,

The reason age3 is top for me above all games listed above, it’s sandbox feel, and open strategy! And it’s speed , if dm was active again I would be smashing out games 200+ per day

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