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No Flag fightinfrenchman
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09 Nov 2015, 02:04

im a big fan of live music. Anyone else enjoy it?
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Tuvalu gibson
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Location: USA

09 Nov 2015, 02:08

September 26 2015 Taylor swift.....Oh wait nevermind I didn't get to go because my friends are retards.
Netherlands momuuu
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ESO: Jerom_

09 Nov 2015, 02:09

I went to a concert with some experimental and classical guitar music. Was fun. Hoping to go see ana vidovic next year and maybe watch concierto de aranjuez live aswell.

Not really the type of concerts you meant though, but whatever.
United States of America Metis
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09 Nov 2015, 04:35

I've never paid to attended a concert. I worked a few at a small university's sports complex. We student workers built the stage, helped the roadies bring in and set up the equipment, and then cleaned up after the concert. In return, we got a day's worth of minimum wage work, a free backstage pass, and all the leftover food we could eat.

This was a small university in the middle of nowhere. However, our remote location is what enabled us to get big name bands that would have otherwise not bothered to play in front of only a few thousand people. We were just about a day's bus ride between two large cities and it was a good place for the bands to play a gig and then lay over for the night.

We had Pat Benatar, Hall and Oates, Pablo Cruse, Molly Hatchet, The Belamy Brothers, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, The Little River Band, Journey and a lot more play at our little college. When I got on at the ambulance service I stopped working at the complex but I still got into the concerts for free because I would arrange to be on the EMS team that covered them.
No Flag Mr. Pecksniff
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09 Nov 2015, 08:58

Just imagine, there's some likely guy out there who has/will have metis as his grandpa.
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No Flag Good ol Ivan
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ESO: ivanelterrible

09 Nov 2015, 09:00

I saw Sabaton a few years ago lol.
It was pretty fun.
No Flag mongobillione
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09 Nov 2015, 10:20

whiz khalifa in zurich club.. to be honest he was already stoned befor his first song but it was still a nice concert
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New Zealand zoom
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09 Nov 2015, 20:56

U2, Roger Waters, Blur.
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No Flag Magnam
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09 Nov 2015, 21:04

Logic in Hamburg. Half a year ago wehn he dropped his debut album.
No Flag sunimirio
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09 Nov 2015, 21:11

"Best Croatian Tambura Players", Ernestinovo, Sculpture colony, it was pretty awesome espically with Mulled wine. :D
No Flag lukasl99
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10 Nov 2015, 02:00

Last big concert I visited was Green Day maybe 4 years ago (with rise against as "pre-band"). Other than that some small local events where I also performed live

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