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No Flag fightinfrenchman
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11 Nov 2017, 16:58

dave_12 wrote:
So you got banned because of a joke you made?

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Netherlands dietschlander
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11 Nov 2017, 18:45

Jerom wrote:I have no intentions of devoting any time of my life to the ear. If I were to arrange anything, itd be a match with friends, not talking to a troll.

Otherwise I agree with me from a bit ago. This is attentionwhoring, not trying to settle a dispute. I dont like you and this stuff isnt making it better. But I dont see why its of vital imoortance that I like you.

Dude, you have 12k posts, offcourse to be liked by you is of importance
Theres going to be a dam, the great dam and we'll let the beavers pay for it - Edeholland 2016
Anyway, nuancing isn't your forte, so I'll agree with you like I would with a 8 year old: violence is bad, don't do hard drugs and stay in school Benj98

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