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06 Mar 2016, 03:41

Forum Rules and Guidelines

ESO-Community seeks to be a place for all Age of Empires 3 and Age of Empires Online players to come together to discuss and share in the game we all enjoy. By registering on our website, you agree to obey the following rules. Keep in mind that violations of those may result in warnings, suspensions, or even permanent bans from the site — further details below.

To report such infringements please make use of the “Report this post” feature, as it is the absolute best way to draw the Community Team's attention to a post — each report is individually investigated and evaluated by site's moderators. If you have a problem regarding moderation as a whole, a particular moderation action, or feel you are being treated unfairly — please create a thread in the Small Claims Court sub-forum and the issue will be looked into.

All site rules also apply to all ESO-Community platforms: ESOC Discord channel, ESOCTV Twitch channel, ESOCTV YouTube channel, ESOC Facebook fanpage, ESOC Twitter page, as well as to all ESOC Seasonal Championships, Invitationals and other tournaments organised by ESO-Community. Members banned for the period of such events are prohibited from participating in them, too. Furthermore, the ESOC Tournament Staff reserves the right to publicly disqualify any player at any time as a result of tournament or site rules violation.

Site Rules:
It is important to note that these rules are not designed to be comprehensive, the site staff may take any action at any time if your conduct at ESOC is counterproductive to the community. Any failure on our part to enforce this policy, for whatever reason, should not be construed as a waiver of our right to do so at any time.

1) Be respectful. Personal attacks, in the form of excessive use of derogatory terms and curse words directed at others, will not be tolerated. It's fine to have your differences with others and you are able to express those views on ESOC; however, it must not become your sole purpose on ESOC.

2) Respect site staff and their decisions. The management of this site is made possible through the efforts of people freely devoting their time and money to its maintenance and moderation. If you have a problem with the moderation of the site, create a thread in the Small Claims Court sub-forum. You may not, however, publicly complain about or demand reasons for moderation actions. Harassment of site staff on the forum or other services will lead to consequences as well.

3) Do not spam the forums. Avoid posting recurring/excessive threads or posting several times in a row in one thread (make use of the “Edit” function), try to look for similar topics before posting (the “Search” tool) and make sure that any thread you open has something substantial to discuss from the beginning. When posting, make sure that you are not disruptive of the topic at hand. Nonsensical posts, posts created purely to start flame wars or to increase one's post-count are all considered forms of spam.

4) Keep recurring topics in a single thread. Any posts that are intended to be a recurring series need either be infrequent enough to not cause a disturbance to other users, or be contained in a single thread. If you have a series in mind reach out to site staff to plan how to post it to the forums.

5) Stay on topic. Any threads that do not belong to the Off-Topic board should be kept relatively on topic as to allow new people to join the discussion.

6) Signatures and avatars are a privilege, not a right. The Community Team reserves the right to modify or remove your signature at anytime due to violations of rules. These will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

7) Cheating or hacking accusations are forbidden. This includes any form of accusing thread directed at another in-game user (about potential insults, lagging, stalling etc.). We feel sorry for your inconvenience, but as of right now we have no means to act upon it. If you want to take action, familiarise yourself with this post below.

8) Inappropriate content is forbidden. Do not upload, share, discuss or link inappropriate, pornographic, warez, gruesome or otherwise excessively vulgar/illegal/malicious material. Please respect the fact that this site is open to people of all ages and that such content is not appropriate for it.

9) No discrimination. Bigotry, racism and other forms of discrimination, as well as fragile or offensive religious, political or origin references, will not be tolerated. Most topics are open to discussion on ESOC, as long as such topics remain respectful and have well-thought arguments in them. Bigotry does not contribute to any discussion. While you may disagree with others, do so respectfully.

10) Distribution of cheats and game exploits is forbidden.

11) Respect the privacy of others. Do not pressure anyone into revealing private or real-life information, such as: names, addresses, phone numbers, or information of that kind.

12) Advertising spam-bot accounts are not allowed. Any user that has created their account with the sole purpose of advertising another site or service will be instantly permanently banned and their posts deleted.

13) Do not impersonate other members of the site. Each person in the community should be able to have their own identity and image. It's inappropriate to infringe on other's identities and you may be warned or banned for doing it.

14) This forum is English only. To simplify moderation on the general forums, please only post in English.

15) Don’t post in a manner that is harmful to ESOC. This includes posts directing users to other, similar services or attacks directed towards the site staff.

16) Don’t ban-dodge. Ban-dodging will lead to increased suspensions and possible IP bans. It wastes everyone's time including your own to try to dodge any moderation actions taken.

17) Proxy and temporary e-mails are not allowed. Registering using proxy IP and/or temporary e-mails is prohibited in any form.

18) You are allowed to create only one profile for yourself. This is checked based on IP.


The basic penalty model for moderation is as follows. The Community Team may deviate from it, especially if the user in question has received many minor warnings over time or if the offense is severe. You may remain at a certain stage through multiple infractions (and official warnings) if they are minor.

  1. Staff posts in the thread and/or sends a private message to a user, signalling that their behaviour appears to be problematic, and explains the issue.
  2. Staff sends an official warning with the site’s warning system to a user.
  3. Another formal warning using the site’s system to a user; warning of suspensions incoming.
  4. One-day suspension of a user.
  5. One-week suspension of a user.
  6. One-month suspension of a user.
  7. Permanent ban of a user.

Please respect the guidelines to help ensure that this is a welcoming community to all players.

Any questions about anything in this post can be directed via PM to any Administrator or Community Team member or a thread in the Small Claims Court subforum.
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Earth ESOCommunity
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12 Apr 2017, 19:33

Cheating accusations are not allowed on this site, however, if you want to take action, familiarise yourself with the information below from the official Age of Empires forums: ... ent-229724 (don't mind the domain, it used to be an official forum that has now transferred to

AnotherRiddle wrote:You can send @Siege Wizard or @cupEcakeplays a personal message (pm) identifying who you wish to report and why (calling out players in general threads is against the forum Code of Conduct).

They will investigate and respond accordingly.

However, by the looks of things, this post is misleading, as Siege Wizard is responsible for Age of Empires: Castle Siege. In other post, though, the community manager of AoE, Joe Homes aka Plus2Joe, says that it's a newly-hired staff member jennywaboom who is going to be handling issues over the next few days with ESO and AoE3 in general, presumably: ... ent=235507
Plus2Joe wrote:Hm, that's super weird.

Yes, it is real. The reasons for the relative lack of support on ESO account issues over the last few years are many and complex... but most users don't care WHY they're not getting support; they (rightly) just want to get their problems solved!

Since the server migration last year, we've received a lot fewer requests for password resets and the like. Since then, we've made additional improvements to our tools and resources (and hired on the amazingly talented @jennywaboom) to allow us to now address an even greater portion of customer issues. We're still unable to help with certain complaints, but we're looking into those problems now as well. ... ent=235526
jennywaboom wrote:Hi all,

I am going to be spending time over the next few days trying to resolve these issues for you guys!

If you need help with a password reset please send me a message letting me know that includes your email and product ID, and I will send the password reset email! I know you guys have been having issues getting them when you request a password reset, but it seems to be working better if the request comes from our end.

If you need to know the email you used to create your account please send me a message with your Steam CD key, and product ID (if you don't know where to find that let me know and I'll walk ya through it!)

If you need some other form of support for ESO let me know, and we'll try and figure it out!

Thanks for your patience guys!

In conclusion, there's isn't too much data available about whom to contact exactly nor is it clear if it's any effective. You can draw your own conclusions based on this piece of evidence, though it's perhaps best to get in touch with jennywaboom regarding cheater reports.
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