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12 Jul 2017, 19:02

It doesnt seem like the standard 99 vills aoe3 has is the optimal. Gathering rates have seemed so high to me that you dont want much more than 60, that was the extend of my macro skills at least.

So whats the norm, how many villagers should you get?

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12 Jul 2017, 19:07

Unless you have decided you will resign before transitioning to mills and plantations I don't think you want to stop making vills. Not sure how often this is the case, however.

Edit: Ye ok nvm this is AoEO.
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12 Jul 2017, 19:12

This has been an interesting debate for a long time where people never always agree. There can be some strong timing push where if you have too many vills you could potentially lose. But in my opinion you can basically never have too many vills. As long as you are good at spending res really fast and not floating to many res. In the first AOEO stream where it was BO5 me vs zerton. Those were top level play and there was 1 game I remember where I had 105 vils a one point. on smaller maps it can be dangerous having more vils, but when you get to those really high vill counts and have res coming in really fast you can take 15 vils and send them t build forward base on one side of enemy and send 15 more vils to build a forward base on other side of enemy. This is my opinion. The more popular opinion may be something like you should max at 90 vils.
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Turkey Mameluke
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12 Jul 2017, 19:51

I think it also has to do with train time of units...
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12 Jul 2017, 20:54

Honestly I think the difference is in the civs/strategies you choose to take on.

Strong timing pushes generally have a set amount of income needed for constant production.

Aggressive/unit trading requires a large amount of vills since you will constantly be remaxing while still needed to commit resources to upgrades. Since you are trading army units your pop will hardly ever stay at max, leading to less need of population as a resource.

Defensive styles will change from game to game. If you are defending vs an aggressive opponent you will need to have a higher villager count in order to keep up with the constant flow of units, whereas vs another Defensive-minded player you will want the smaller amount of villagers to slide the "one-big-fight" into your favor.

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