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United States of America RiiSEN
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11 Aug 2017, 17:10


AoEO has a long history of competition, and it is quite over-due for us to introduce some of the top players within the game’s competitive circle. I would like to introduce Carnage, GiveuAnxiety, PF2K, TheMista, and ZertoN. These players have shown remarkable talent in AoEO and in other games closer to ESOC’s heart. With that in mind, we had them answer some questions regarding their thoughts on the rerelease of AoEO and the Zuta Zuta Classic which is slated to begin next week!

The Zuta Zuta Classic is the first tournament for AoEO since its reopening under Project Celeste. What does this tournament mean for you?

Player Answers

The Zuta Zuta Classic also happens to be only the 4th AoEO tournament that TheMista has participated in. Are you excited for the chance to compete in a Bo(x) against him, and do you think you have what it takes to bring him down?

Player Answers

(To TheMista): do you think anyone has a solid chance of kicking you out of the tournament?

Player Answers

There are a lot of up-and-coming players within the current AoEO player roster, could you name one or two that most excite you about their play? What about them excites you?

Player Answers

Any civilizations or strategies that will be a player favorite?

Player Answers

Who are you most looking forward to defeating in the Zuta Zuta Classic?

Player Answers


The Zuta Zuta Classic will begin on the 14th of August and will be featured on ESOCTV. Look for the streaming schedule in the news!
If you wish to compete, signups are still open until August 13th! Take your chance to win your portion of the $500 prize pool! Sign up through the myESOC panel!
Think you understand the game well enough to win some bets? Hydjo_ is hosting a betting event for the Zuta Zuta Classic! The rules and signups are located here!
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United States of America giveuanxiety
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11 Aug 2017, 17:42

very nice post. Also zerton's last answer was good :D
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Netherlands Wout
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11 Aug 2017, 18:06

zerton is a savage
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Brazil lemmings121
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11 Aug 2017, 18:13

Netherlands keenflame
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11 Aug 2017, 18:36

i vomited
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Switzerland sebnan12
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11 Aug 2017, 21:09

no no ur ego aint too big emperor mista
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Turkey Mameluke
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11 Aug 2017, 21:13

(To TheMista): do you think anyone has a solid chance of kicking you out of the tournament?

TheMista - There are plenty of decent players competing in this upcoming tournament, but I dont think I can find a solid threat in them. There will be tough games for sure, but i will end up victorious like a good king should.

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Kiribati SirCallen
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11 Aug 2017, 21:59

Nice content
thank god for threads
and good screws
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Japan Aizamk
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12 Aug 2017, 04:24

GUA hugely overestimating my chances here I think :P

There simply isn't enough room for me to innovate in a game where I don't have much game knowledge (meta or otherwise) to start with. People have told me some standard BOs, and I do thank them for that, but I don't particularly like following standard BOs. At the end of the day in aoeo it's still going to be opponent in their comfort zone, and me outside of mine. Would rather shake things up, but it's also pretty difficult to get a 1v1 game to test things at the times I'm available.
No Flag umeu
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12 Aug 2017, 06:53

all i'm hearing are excuses for yet another tournament disappointment. We poor Aiz fans always think this is the on where he will finally win it all, and then he loses 3-0 to rondon.
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United States of America dicktator_
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12 Aug 2017, 07:19

"Carnage - Not really. There was a lot of hype around 'good' aom and aoe3 players that will 'take over' aoeo. What I've seen so far is top-kek. These kids better step their game up so I can at least remember their names."

Savage :D
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European Union Interjection
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15 Aug 2017, 05:38

I'm so looking forward to this, great post also :)
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New Zealand JakeyBoyTH
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15 Aug 2017, 06:12

@Carnage Challenge Accepted. See you soon.
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Israel Adne
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30 Aug 2017, 02:15

Zerton is a boet

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