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United States of America giveuanxiety
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14 Nov 2017, 02:15

Hey guys!

Please use this thread to schedule your matches. The full rules can be found here. Please submit your results here. All games must have a recorded screen shot of the result and that shall be uploaded with the match result.

Map Pool:
Equal footing
Shelter pass
Mountain Crossing
Great Lake
Big Island
Treasure Island

Each map can only be played a maximum of 1 time per series. The loser of the previous game chooses the map for the next game. (ex. player A vs player B, Player A wins game 1, player B then picks the map for game 2. Player A wins game 2, Player B then picks the map for game 3.)

This is the Grand Finals. TheMista is from the winner bracket, while cG_Zerton is from the loser bracket. Which means cG_Zerton will have to win 2 seperate Best of 7 series vs TheMista in order to win the tournament. While TheMista has to beat cG_Zerton in one Best of 7 series in order to win the tournament.

The first map for both Best of 7 rounds is Equal footing.

Each player gets 1 map veto per series, regardless of how many games are in the series. The vetoes will be given out live during the matches at any time a player decides to veto a map. If a player decides not to use a veto, than the veto does NOT get transferred to the other player. Once either player veto a map, that map is then vetoed for the entire series. (neither play can then pick that map)

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Netherlands Wout
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14 Nov 2017, 11:42

gl hf
Germany ZertoN
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14 Nov 2017, 14:46

scheduled for tomorrow, 5pm GMT
Cyprus Snuden
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14 Nov 2017, 14:48

36: This herd, was not herded correctly towards his town center
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Greece themista
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15 Nov 2017, 20:45

4-2 ggs and Thank you Esoc , Zuta for hosting this awesome tournament!

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