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17 Dec 2017, 15:54

The staff at ESOC is announcing the following actions which have been taken as a result of the behavior of some members of the community in the Autumn Championship. The players, __UhLaN__ and roiarthurbis are both banned from ESOC events indefinitely for the use of exploits in the Autumn Championship. The usage was discovered through careful analysis of recorded games upon feedback from a few community members. We apologize to all the fans and their opponents for their actions. As a reminder, not only does the use of cheats or exploits undermine the spirit of fair competition, it jeopardizes the community and ability for ESOC to host events. As always, the tournament staff will continue to monitor the games in order to promote fair competition and bring the community the best tournaments possible. Thank you to all the participants and fans who respect the game and fair play, your continued passion helps to keep the game alive. We wish a happy and safe holiday season to everyone! For any other questions or other comments, please message either @n0el, @Mitoe or @_H2O.
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Netherlands Mr_Bramboy
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17 Dec 2017, 16:21

This was posted sooner than I had hoped so I would like to add some remarks.

We found out by analyzing recorded games and calculating resource gather rates. Furthermore, unit movements in tournament series showed signs of maphack - though this is much harder to prove. Our modders have identified these cheats and will patch them in the next version of EP as soon as possible. I'm sad to see things have gone this way, but I'm also glad that we managed to spot this in such an early stage of the tournament. Special thanks goes to @somppukunkku who tipped me about possible cheats and @EAGLEMUT who also analyzed the recorded games.

As I said, this was posted about 5 minutes after I was notified - something I'm not happy with as there are still lots of loose strings. We haven't decided what to do with the played series vs SomppuKunkku and ILeGiTBosSI, for example. Since the RO32 is already extended by one week, I think it'd be best if SomppuKunkku and ILeGiTBosSI both faced off for the RO16 seed if they're willing. That way, the community still gets to enjoy a good series. This hasn't been decided yet, but I will keep everyone updated.

Once again, my apologies to all viewers and donators, and thanks to everyone who values fair play as much as we do! Feel free to PM me if you still have any questions.

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