Group AD - Scheduling

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Group AD - Scheduling

Post by Mitoe »

Group AD consists of the following players:

? The_Unknown_One
? Phillnick
? Dark_Crazy
? Tch4pz

Good luck and have fun!
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No Flag darkcrazy
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Group AD - Scheduling

Post by darkcrazy »

Hai Guys :)

Good times for me are in the morning 9:00am - 1:00 pm or in the evening 7:00pm- 11 pm. (gmt +1)
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Group AD - Scheduling

Post by tch4pz »

i can this day (saturday till 1:00 at night, GMT+1)
sunday 9am-2pm.

and in the week always 8pm-12pm
tuesday 10am-12am
friday the whole day

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