Brazil yurimg31
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06 Jan 2018, 17:23

Hello, guys. I wanna join the Wars of Liberty tournament once it’s time. I used to play AoE long ago and now I’m back, then recently found out about Wars of Liberty and then about this forum. I had no idea it existed before and it’s awesome! But I saw on the other tournaments that it requires me at least a PR15 Rank to sign up for tournaments. What Rank is that? How do I get there? Thanks!
Bolivia tedere12
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06 Jan 2018, 17:26

if you go to your home cities tab on eso, on the bottom right of your screen there are some stats about you. Somwhere there your skill level is mentioned
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Sweden Gendarme
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06 Jan 2018, 17:29

Your PR doesn't really mean anything as you've only played one game which was two years ago (that I can see). Not sure about the rules, but if you play some 1v1s against PR15s and can beat them you're probably good to go if you let someone responsible for the tournament know.
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Bavaria j_t_kirk
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06 Jan 2018, 17:30
Your Supremacy-PR is 4.78, but you played only one game.
PR means PowerRating. If you win games, you gain PR, if you lose games, you lose PR.

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Wales CelticCrusader
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02 Feb 2018, 19:19

Hey there if you need some players to play with come over to the steam group here

There are plenty of players who play on ESO now, you should be able to find enough games. I am also looking for 1vs1 practice partners so let me know if you want to play. I have the same name on steam, if you join the group you will see me.

On ranking up on ESO , to be honest you could just play a few games with one strong strategy and be pr 15 in a few games, and do that on asian dynasties, its pretty easy to be pr 15 in one small session of games.

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