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France Kaiserklein
EWT - Playoff
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25 Jan 2018, 15:38

1) ESOC Kamchatka
2) ESOC Wadmalaw
3) ESOC Iowa
4) ESOC Klondike
5) ESOC Jebel Musa
6) ESOC Mendocino
7) ESOC Florida
8) ESOC Fertile Crescent
9) ESOC Malaysia
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Germany koenigerik1
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ESO: snowww

26 Jan 2018, 13:31

Wait, arent we supposed to play bo7?
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Belgium chrisie
ESOC Media Team
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26 Jan 2018, 14:11

It seems our map pool generation algorithm supercomputer instrument of doom has malfunctioned and put too many maps in the map pool, this is supposed to be a bo7.
Because we noticed too late (woops) lets just remove the last 2 maps and pretend it never happened
@Kaiserklein @snowww
Germany koenigerik1
Posts: 139
ESO: snowww

26 Jan 2018, 18:45

Cant post the games btw
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Switzerland sebnan12
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27 Jan 2018, 06:52

koenigerik1 wrote:Cant post the games btw

tournament is over sry bro
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