Germany Carnage
AoE:O Team
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19 Mar 2018, 22:14

Hey guys!

Please use this thread to schedule your matches. The full rules can be found here. Please submit your results here.

The deadline for this round is April 1st.

Game 1 will be played on Equal Footing
This is a best of 7 series. The winner from the loser bracket will have to beat the winner of the upper bracket 2 times in order to become the grand champion.
Try and schedule your matches early as we will want to stream every series.

Germany Carnage
AoE:O Team
Posts: 105
Game: AoE Online

22 Mar 2018, 14:47

the series is scheduled for sunday 25, 20gmt. get hyped.
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Canada Mitoe
ESOC Media Team
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22 Mar 2018, 15:14

I will win this EZ on @themista's behalf.
Israel Adne
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23 Mar 2018, 17:43

Fish bug :)
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No Flag Zutazuta
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23 Mar 2018, 18:44

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India Challenger_Marco
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23 Mar 2018, 18:51

I will beat all one day!!!!
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No Flag bigsmoke
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23 Mar 2018, 18:53

~~ pecelot rip ~~

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