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Greece Googol
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02 Nov 2018, 17:24

The Autumn 2018 Second Chance Semi-Finals!
iamturk vs Jerimuno - Sunday, Nov 4th at 17 GMT
Conquerer999 vs Chusik - Sunday, Nov 4th at 19 GMT

Ladies and Gentlemen!

The main tournament ended with some amazing final games between snowww and kynesie with snowww claiming the victory along with the prize! However, let’s not forget about the 2nd chance tournament! Currently, the tournament is in the semi-finals stage, and it still has much to offer. Some may ask, who are these players contesting the title?! I was curious too!

Let's find out together who they are! Here’s the list.


Also known as dicktator_ . A player from the USA and probably the best treaty player of all time. With regards to supremacy, he is a very good player too. Definitely a fearsome opponent to be taken seriously with 2461 on jp elo and pr 35 max rank, he is the main favourite to win the tournament for some. He is capable of playing all civilizations. With a tournament preference for France and Germany, he had swept his way through rodr_o , bwinner , LukasL99 with clean sweeps, only recently dropping his first game in the Quarter Finals to theonlybaus, still resulting in a 3-1 series for him. His next opponent in the tournament is Chusik.


A player from Switzerland. Originally a vanilla player with a preference of playing Ottomans, British, and Dutch, switching later to TAD because of the tournaments being held on it. With Aoe 2 being his very first PC game, I´d say that Chusik has some experience in RTS games. Even though Chusik has come back after some years of inactivity, he has been showing quite a good performance in the tournament, sweeping through the ladder only dropping 1 game to Oliveza in RO 32. With his maximum PR 33 and 2435 max jp elo, he is definitely a worthy opponent of Conquerer999.


A player from Austria. Quite a well known name in the 2nd chance tournaments. Last year, he ended up in 2nd place in the 2017 autumn 2nd chance tournament. His tournament progress has been rather smooth, winning with clean sweeps vs Octanium 2-0 and winning 3-0 vs MASTERdutch. He struggled a bit in the quarter finals where he faced ageofkiller, ending up in an exciting close series 3-2 for Jerimuno and moving up here to the semi finals. Jerimuno has a diverse array of civilizations, but mostly plays British, Japan, and France. However, we might also see him pull out a cheeky Ottoman or Germany to deliver the lethal blow. Jerimuno has a maximum 2298 jp elo and max pr 33, bit lower than his opponent´s, but as we have seen so far in the tournament, he is not to be underestimated.


A player from Turkey. Not so well known until recently where he sometimes beats top players on stream. Starting on gameranger, he climbed his way up to the top ranks with relatively fast speed. iamturk also has a varieties of civs which he can play, although he prefers to play mainly all European civilizations alongside with India. In the tournament, he managed to climb his way up with clean sweeps against Charlesh, Lecastete, and Eaglemut, although he managed to drop 1 game to Flontier in the quarter finals. Currently, iamturk tops the best stats on paper in comparison to his opponents with 2487 jp elo and max pr 37. Will iamturk not only show these statistics on paper, but in practice as well?! We shall see, but as he climbed up through the tournament ladder, we know one thing for sure, and that is that he can be a fearsome opponent.

There we are! The semi finals and the competitors.
Make sure to tune in for some exciting games!
Who is your favorite and who do you cheer for?
Comment below.
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India rsy
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02 Nov 2018, 19:05

Butifle post!
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India Challenger_Marco
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02 Nov 2018, 19:17

Nice write up!!!!
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Kiribati SirCallen
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03 Nov 2018, 18:51

More excited for this than the main tourney.

Nice post Buti, nice to see you contributing!
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Germany yemshi
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03 Nov 2018, 19:21

SirCallen wrote:nice to see you contributing!

Well someone has to
India Ashvin
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03 Nov 2018, 19:27

yemshi wrote:
SirCallen wrote:nice to see you contributing!

Well someone has to


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