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16 Nov 2019, 03:07


Coming up this weekend: The Quarter-Finals of the ESOC WarChiefs Classic II
& Semi-Finals of the No Rush November Tournament!

Confirmed for this Sunday at 19:00 GMT is a match-up between two Grand Tour runner-ups, Mitoe and Knuschelbär. @Mitoe has cruised through this tournament so far, defeating @Hawk_Girl in a 3-0 victory during the round of 32 and automatically moving up to the quarterfinals after his round of 16 opponent, @Forjustice, forfeited the series. On the other hand, @knusch met a bit more resistance along the way. He too won his round of 32 against @pérez with a clean 3-0 sweep, although in the round of 16, he encountered the more formidable @Lukas_L99. Knuschelbär ultimately emerged victorious, but only after a full best of 5 series against his opponent. Regardless, both players are sure to find a challenging and worthy opponent in each other. Mitoe has consistently been among the top contenders in the tournaments he participated despite some recent setbacks and he himself has noted Knusch's remarkable macro-management potential before.

Also on Sunday at 22:00 GMT, the two-time and the only Grand Tour Champion @Kaiserklein will face off against @iamturk, who, lest we forget, made history this year by having the entire year named after him. As befitting his title, Kaiser began this tournament by wiping the floor with his opponents @sheckler and @Ezad in the rounds of 32 and 16 respectively. Meanwhile, iamturk scored a sweeping 3-0 victory over @Mr_Bramboy in the round of 16 and earned a chance to win his first tourney victory against Kaiser after two past defeats. iamturk, of course, is known for his exhaustive mechanical gameplay and micro-management skills. However, Kaiserklein too knows a thing or two about micro as the silver medalist for the 2018 Time To Micro tournament and he has proven to be more than a match for Turk before. One thing for sure is that Turk's characteristic patience and resilience will give Kaiser a run for his money.

Then we have our #1 seed, @lordraphael, confronting his American challenger, @kaister. LordRaphael is one of the most accomplished players in the ESOC history, sporting the highest win rate in tournament matches and extremely skilled with almost all civilizations. Like many other top players, LordRaphael qualified for the quarterfinals with a 3-0 sweep in the round of 16 against @giveuanxiety. Kaister, on the other hand, pulled off a 3-1 upset against the higher seed @SoldieR in an NA civil war during the round of 32. He went on to win the round of 16 against @mongobillione with another 3-1 victory. There is no doubt Kaister is the underdog here versus the #1 seed, but who knows? Perhaps Kaister is the David to LordRaphael’s Goliath. Also, since LordRaphael and Kaister do not play by the rules of mere mortals like us, their series will be played next Tuesday at 22:00 GMT instead of this weekend.

Last but not least, @n0el, the self-described resident drinker of Team House, will play against @deleted_user, who, like iamturk, reigned above us all as the EP Ladder King not too long ago - this match will occur next Friday at 13:00 GMT. n0el had a solid start this tournament, smashing the higher seed @theonlybaus 3-1 during the round of 32 and cruising past Mohammad_ with a 3-0 sweep in the following round. The same goes for Umeu as well, who defeated @EAGLEMUT with a 3-0 score in the round of 32 and obtained an easy-peasy admin win for the round of 16 after his opponent India_Bot1999 forfeited. As for the players themselves, n0el’s preferred civs besides the obligatory TWC picks are China and Japan as we’ve seen in the past match-ups. Umeu was once notorious for laming Iroquois, having played over 75% of his matches as either the Iroquois or the Ottomans at one point in his quicksearch career. He has since expanded his civ pool to include others like the Sioux and the Chinese as well, but Umeu may feel a certain home-field advantage in a TWC-focused tournament.

Meanwhile, the NR20 Tournament is approaching baking temperature like a fine soufflé. The second Semi-Finals match, played this Saturday at 19:00 GMT, will pit Dark Horse @TheNameDaniel vs evergreen treaty god @dicktator_. Daniel, the leader of the EZCMC clan and notorious ESOC Premier League Cuirs team has been taking names in these off-shoot style tournaments. He earned 2nd place in the last Wars of Liberty tournament after a close bout with @Jerimuno in the Finals, and has also earned himself a paid place and solid spot in the Semi-Finals of the NR20 tournaments. His run has not been without some hiccups though, as his Ro16 and Ro8 matches vs ToriethePanda and Amsterda respectively have been mortal combat engagements, both coming down to the last deciding game in the series. While his practice with @FloKo83 Aoe3 and @mongobillione, competitors who occupy the other side of the bracket, has not gone in vain, will it be enough to topple the treaty behemoth himself? @dicktator_, the victor of almost every treaty event in the past 4 years, is same-same in regards to general tournament outlook. It was seeming like another cinch of a prize pool for him with the announcement of No Rush November, and after clean sweeps vs PR52 VaneTheGreat and AttaqueCarp in the early rounds it felt like there was little to worry about. However, his Round of 8 match vs foire421 proved somewhat more difficult than anticipated, dropping a game and having two more close calls. Still, BigDickNick came out ahead and is never a slouch when it comes to the long-game, so Daniel will have his work cut out for him.

There is a lot to keep up with, so be sure to tune in to ESOCTV this weekend to catch a part of the action!
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