Hidden Cup 2 Main Event

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Hidden Cup 2 Main Event

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After two qualifiers, the main event for Hidden Cup 2 is finally here. This weekend, eight players with hidden identities will begin their journey to become champion. The eight players who qualified are JulianK, Alvaroes, Optimus, Ezad, kynesie, Aizamk, Ungurs and Yukietty. Each player has been given a fresh account with a new identity, and only one admin knows who each player is. The first round will be streamed live on ESOCTV this weekend, with the following matchups and casters:
P1 vs P2 : 15gmt Morgan Black vs Pierre Beaumont Casted by MFD/Widgie
P3 vs P4: 17/18gmt Lizzie the Pirate vs Kanyenke casted by Kaister/Mini

P5 vs P6 : 15 gmt Sahin the Falcon vs General Warwick casted by Tobi/MFD
P7 vs P8 : 18 gmt Major Cooper vs Alain Magnan casted by Harrison
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Re: Hidden Cup 2 Main Event

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If i see ninja's I'll know who it is

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