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Hidden Cup 2 Main Event

Posted: 15 Dec 2022, 18:08
by n0el
This weekend, the final four players will continue their hidden journeys to become the Hidden Cup 2 champion. The eight players who qualified are JulianK, Alvaroes, Optimus, Ezad, kynesie, Aizamk, Ungurs and Yukietty, but their identities remain hidden. Do you think you know who is who? If you do, you can enter your guesses at a chance to win $25. Make sure to watch the final four games for even more intel to figure it out!

Semi-Final #1 @ 15 GMT ~ General Warwick vs. Pierre Beaumont ~ Casted by Harrison
Semi-Final #2 @ 18 GMT ~ Kanyenke vs. Major Cooper ~ Casted by Kaister & Don Artie

Bronze Match @ 15 GMT ~ Casted by Widgie & MFD
Grand Finals @ 18 GMT ~ Casted by Guigs and Minimoult

❓ Guess the Hidden Identities of the Players ❓