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The Unyielding Showdown - JulianK vs. Frontline | BO7

Posted: 01 Aug 2023, 09:34
by Jaegerchere
On Saturday, 5th of August at 18 GMT, brace yourself for an epic showdown as two titans of Age of Empires III: DE, JulianK and Frontline, clash in a best-of-seven showdown.
With Italy banned, it's a battle of wits and strategy as these top players showcase their skills on the challenging maps of Guianas, Saguenay, Pampas Sierras, Central Plains, Manchuria, Cascade Range, and Great Plains.
No civilization resets allowed, ensuring an intense and unpredictable face-off! Witness breathtaking moments, jaw-dropping tactics, and nail-biting suspense as these fierce competitors vie for supremacy in this electrifying showmatch!
Don't miss this gaming spectacle of a lifetime! The series will be streamed on the favorite and biggest AOE III Twitch Channel: 📺