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April 8th, 2018
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Tournament Information

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Margaritas in Malaysia, or sun-touched beaches in Indonesia? Goose hunting in Gran Chaco, or fishing in Florida? Some hiking in Arizona or tiger-watching in Bengal? Don't worry because ESOC has you covered, Weekend Tours are here! One day events, winner's interview on Fantastic Friday Showdown, a chance to win an exclusive forum badge, and of course roam the world! Get ready for some action this weekend on ESOCTV!

Edit: In addition, the T2T Finals will be concluded on Saturday, April 7th at 19:00 GMT! Current score is dicktator_ 2-1 Lukas_L99

Tournament Information
- This week's cup is a single-elimination Supremacy tournament which will start at 15:00 GMT on Sunday, April 8th.
- Brackets will be posted at 14:45 GMT, 15 minutes before the tournament stream begins.
- All times are in GMT.
- Round of 64: 15:00 - 15:45
- Round of 32: 15:45 - 16:30
- Round of 16: 16:30 - 17:15
- Round of 08: 17:15 - 18:30
- Semi-finals: 18:30 - 20:00
- Finals: 20:00 - Till we get a winner!

Sign Ups!
- Sign ups are open now!
- Sign up using your MyESOC tab with your ESO username and GameRanger ID.
- Sign ups will close on Friday, April 6th at 18:30 GMT.
- To participate in the event, you must be a member of the tournament discord and be present at the time of the event start!

Prize Pool:
- $150 USD distributed as $80 to 1st place, $40 to 2nd place, and $15 to 3rd/4th place.
- Interview on F.F.S: Fantastic Friday Showdown with Sav0ryBeef
- Exclusive forum badge

Civilization Rules:
- During the course of a series, a player may not use a civilization twice.
- In a Best-of-3, 3 unique civilizations must be played if the series reaches game 3.
- In a Best-of-5, 5 unique civilizations must be played if the series reaches game 5.
- Players will freely pick their civilization in Game 1. After that, players alternatively pick their civilization, starting with the winner of Game 1.

Map Pool:
All maps are listed in the order they are to be played in. Beginning with the Round of 16, players will ban a map from the map pool. The player with the higher seed will veto his map first.

- Round of 64 (Bo1): Arkansas
- Round of 32 (Bo1): Arkansas
- Round of 16 (Bo1): Arkansas, Malaysia, Arizona
- Round of 8 (Bo3): Arizona, Malaysia, Manchac, Mendocino, Gran Chaco
- Semi-finals (Bo3): Arizona, Malaysia, Manchac, Mendocino, Gran Chaco
- Finals (Bo5): Florida, Cascade Range, Indonesia, Bengal, Mendocino, Malaysia, High Plains

- All games must be played on ESOC Patch.
- All results and recorded games must be reported using the match results submitter.
- You must be present in the tournament discord at 15:00 GMT on Sunday.
- All players must respect scheduled round timings. If a series is not in progress by the time a round is scheduled to end, the admins reserve the right to make a decision on the winner of the match.
- All players must coordinate with caster/co-caster to ensure smooth scheduling of casted matches.
- All other applicable ESOC tournament rules apply.

Additional Notes:
- Games will be played primarily on ESO; games that need to be played on GameRanger must be authorized by a tournament administrator. In case of unforeseen circumstances, casted games may need to be played on GameRanger.
- In case games need to be played on GameRanger, please have home cities and decks prepared!
- All players must adhere to the prospective tournament schedule. If a series is not in progress by the time a round is scheduled to end, the admins reserve the right to make a decision on the winner of the match.
- If you think your opponent somehow had an unfair advantage by using any exploits or modifications, please PM one of the admins with the recorded game and screenshots.
- Admins reserve the right to disqualify any player(s) for failure to abide by the tournament rules. All admin decisions will be final.
- If you have any further questions, please ask in this thread!

- If you would like to contribute by funding future "Weekend Tours" you can donate here!
- While donating, please write the message "for weekend tours".

Tournament Staff
- Admins: @princeofcarthage & @Cometk
- Caster: @princeofcarthage

Thank you everyone and enjoy!

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