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05 May 2018, 20:46

Admin Decisions will be posted here.

- Team HawK_GirL & theonlybaus has had to forfeit because HawK_GirL is having some issues launching EP. AraGun_OP and Tedere12 will move to the RO16 against Ward_V and Knuschelbär.

- Kickass forfeits his position on Team Gryphoon, with theonlybaus subbing in to make Team Gryphoon & theonlybaus. They will play their RO32 match against bwinner and Lecastete as usual.

- Team Sargsyan & Francisc0 has had to forfeit due to conflicting schedules. Team dutchwraptor & Picoro1 will move to the RO16 vs Team Hazza54321 & KINGofOsmane.

15:00 GMT
- Team SuperNapoleon & M0tzii and Team s0uLr34v0r & Singh_the_Only rearranged to be Team s0uLr34v0r & M0tzii and Team SuperNapoleon & Singh_the_Only.

16:00 GMT
These teams that have not shown up before RO32 deadline: Gryphoon & theonlybaus, Gafur & MrNo, yowler & S3rial_kiLL3r, SuperNapoleon & Singh_the_Only

As such these teams will advance in their place:
bwinner & Lecastete will move on to the RO16 against IAmSoldieR & GiveUAnxiety
IAmSoldieR & GiveUAnxiety will move on to the RO16 against bwinner & Lecastete
Kaiserklein & QueenOfdestiny will move on to the RO16 against Mitoe & Conquerer999
Flontier & _Attaque_77_CARP will move on to the RO16 against ramex12 & ramex19
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