Great Britain Hazza54321
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06 May 2018, 21:45

[EP4-2 SP] Ward_V[DU] & Knuschelbär[IN] vs KINGofOsmane[DU] & Hazza54321[BR] - ESOC Kamchatka.age3yrec
(1.59 MiB) Downloaded 9 times
ESOC Kamchatka
ESOC Kamchatka
Rules: Supremacy (2v2)
Version: ESOC Patch 4.2
Length: 38 minutes
[EP4-2 SP] Hazza54321[FR] & KINGofOsmane[IN] vs Ward_V[AZ] & Knuschelbär[BR] - ESOC Pampas Sierras.age3yrec
(1.16 MiB) Downloaded 9 times
ESOC Pampas Sierras
ESOC Pampas Sierras
Rules: Supremacy (2v2)
Version: ESOC Patch 4.2
Length: 14 minutes
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Bolivia tedere12
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06 May 2018, 22:08

only the lag can slow him down
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Kiribati SirCallen
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06 May 2018, 22:21

3v 700w 5v 700g with max manors semi ff into 8v had me Kreygasm in chat
and the giving famishes the craving
sweet thames, run softly, til I end my song

The shepherd's staff's tantalus around my neck

let the water
touch the tongue

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