Time2Micro Tourney BRACKET

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Time2Micro Tourney BRACKET

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The Time2Micro Weekend Tournament
The one-day tournament will begin Sunday, December 9th at 15:00 GMT!

The Time2Micro Tour is officially underway! Some things to remember ladies and gentlemen:

- You may play your first round match any time from now until 15:30 GMT on Sunday, December 9th. If the match has not been played by that time, an admin decision will be made.
- Because we hit exactly 32 players and not more, the prize pool will be $100 to 1st place and $50 to 2nd place.
- All games must be recorded!

For full rules and how to download the scenario, click this link.

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Re: Time2Micro Tourney BRACKET

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@Hazza54321 you are an adult now so I won't be holding back.
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Re: Time2Micro Tourney BRACKET

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Hazza is an adult?? :shock:
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Re: Time2Micro Tourney BRACKET

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@ottolol I'm free throughout the day tomorrow. So I'm ready whenever you are.

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