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29 May 2019, 12:41

So I was just playing a game - and for some reason, I could not select any units or functions - i.e. when clicking barracks I couldn't click on any units - It just said barracks and hitpoints.

Nor could I click on the explorer and choose crack shot.

I then attempted to see if there was an options thing I needed to turn on - which didn't seem to be the case.
I attempted to click windowed mode - but that didn't do it

So I relaunched the game only to now find it in windowed mode now stays on permanently - I can unselect it and click ok - and nothing happens....

I was having some issues with the sound (turned way up by me before the game) and I attempted to click ALT+TAB to get to desktop to turn it down - I didn't succeed at this and ended up realizing I could do it in game using a key on my keyboard.. and when doing the alt tab I get some pop up with - we changed your screen settings to increase your experience- I don’t know if I hit something here - and don’t know where to look

Hope someone has some ideas :)


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