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09 Jan 2017, 09:38

Hello there!

Currently, I have played 21 games and won 17. Yesterday night I won around 4-6 more games and lost 1. But none of these games have gone towards my home city statistics, and still says I have only played 21 games and won 17. I went to bed and came on 8 hours later and my statistics are still the same?


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09 Jan 2017, 09:52

Yeah the site is not working there is more information in this other topic about it

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09 Jan 2017, 10:54

Thanks howlingwolfpaw, it's indeed being discussed somewhere else. Anyways, welcome to ESOC @EzPzBro , I hope you will have a good time here

Go here: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=9483 for the full thread, howlingwolfpaw linked to the last post of the thread.

I'll close this one now.
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