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United States of America DayoftheNinja
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02 Oct 2019, 00:12

Another year, another tourney, and I'd like to lend a massive thanks to all of the WoL team members, fans, streamers, ESOC staff, and tournament participants that made this year's event possible! I'd tag everyone but there's honestly so many and I'd hate to leave anyone off. It was a much more balanced tournament than last year's, and thanks to our patient champions it came to a fantastic conclusion! If you haven't seen the final match yet, be sure to check it out on @Daedralus's Twitch channel here. Without any further ado, here your champions:

1. @Jerimuno
2. @TheNameDaniel
3. @mirmydons
Runner Up: @Cometk

With a prize pool of $200, the breakdown as described in our announcement is as follows:
1. $100
2. $60
3. $40

Winners, please PM me with the easiest method of sending your prize.

With this tournament out of the way, we plan to release the next version of the mod including the Danish and Swedish civilizations very soon, so keep an eye on our Discord, forum, or social media to get it first! Thanks again to all, I'm excited for our next tourney and I hope you all are too!
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Chile Jutlander
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02 Oct 2019, 00:19

Yay! Can't wait to have another one!
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United States of America musketeer925
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02 Oct 2019, 12:53

Jutlander wrote:Yay! Can't wait to have another one!
Starts next week?

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