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Sweden cramper
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30 Sep 2015, 18:17

porto mirror no nats on new andes.

Edit: ro64
[RE TR40] cramper[PT] vs Fard[PT] - BlitzTreaty Andes.age3yrec
(991.4 KiB) Downloaded 18 times
BlitzTreaty Andes
BlitzTreaty Andes
Rules: Treaty 40 minutes - No Blockade (1v1)
Version: Official Patch
Length: 54 minutes
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Sweden cramper
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30 Sep 2015, 18:17

i won game. gg
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No Flag thebritish
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30 Sep 2015, 18:45

krichk wrote: For some reason, you want the world to know that you're brave enough to challenge thebritish
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Austria KINGofOsmane
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30 Sep 2015, 19:35

cramper takes tourney you have my money my love <3
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No Flag Hagi
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30 Sep 2015, 19:40

Cramper OP, I'm impressed.
Well done !
Turkey breeze
Donator 01
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02 Oct 2015, 14:08

Garja wrote:Why did you just say to him you beat me? Don't Show my games, Don't talk my games, Don't chat my games

_H2O wrote: Hey! I Courage you to play fairly, And have fun from this game!

Diarouga wrote:Every top players react like a child when they loose waterbrothers.
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No Flag imperial
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02 Oct 2015, 18:53

well played
Brazil Debur2001
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03 Oct 2015, 05:39

good job mate

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