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No Flag [TLDT]Amsterda
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ESO: Amsterda

28 Nov 2019, 15:17

harcha wrote:
[TLDT]Amsterda wrote:Doesn't count as sup player tbh.

well then..... why did you mention cucko0 there, makes no sense

Idk his main, if it's you I wouldn't know since I only knew you as one other acc and I can't really tell who played what games exactly with all the account sharing. It seems to me like you've played nr 20 since 2010 but I wouldn't know if that was you or someone else. Anyway if it is you I don't see how you'd not be in the nr 20 player who also plays a lot of sup with all the 20 games played on the different accs you've had access to.
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Latvia harcha
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ESO: hatamoto_samurai

28 Nov 2019, 18:39

you know all the accounts i've been playing on but cucko0 had probably like 20+ accounts including hatamoto_samurai

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