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06 Jun 2020, 04:16

This is the current list of balance changes as of June 20, 2020.

All balance changes from RE Patch
EP 8 Changes

Changes from EP 8.2.

- "Intervention" shipment REVERTED to deliver 11 Basteiros with Portuguese Allies (from 12)
- "Intervention" shipment REVERTED to deliver 4 Hussars with Ottoman Allies (from 5)

- Trading Post XP & resource income decreased by 15%.
- Native Trading Post XP trickle REVERTED
- Starting Town Center building-placement minimum range now applies to Trading Posts [REVERT]
- Stagecoach LOS increased to 8 (from 5)

- Churches now provide a small 0.4 xp trickle
- Church cost increased to 150w (from 100w)
- Church construction time increased to 25 seconds (from 10)

- Spy population cost reduced to 1 (down from 2)

- Native warriors reworked

- Starting crate RNG removed

Reverted from previous patches

- Warrior Priests no longer cost population

- "Temple of Xipe Totec" shipment no longer increases Coyote Runner ranged resistance by 0.1 [REVERT]; now grants 12 Coyote Runners (up from 11).
- "Coyote Combat" shipment now increases ranged resistance by 0.1

Improved Fortress Military Shipments

- Starting crates fixed to 300f 300w

- Starting crates fixed to 200f 300w
- Village cost REVERTED to 200w (from 190w)
- All "Honoured" upgrades cost increased to 350w 350c (from 300w 300c)

- Starting crates fixed to 500c 200w
- "Coffee Trade" upgrade no longer reduces military speed; research time increased to 30 seconds (from 15)

- Starting crates fixed to 400f 200w

- Starting crates fixed to 300f 100w 100c

- Shipment XP cost penalty reduced to 8% (from 12%)

- Starting crates fixed to 400w 200f

- 5 Sepoy shipment increased to 6 Sepoy (720 resource value)

- 600 Wood shipment increased to 700 Wood
- 600 Coin shipment increased to 700 Coin

- Ottoman Consulate LOS no longer affects buildings is REVERTED.
- Ottoman Consulate LOS bonus reduced from 10 to 7.
- Ottoman Consulate Minutemen cost REVERTED to 200 export (from 250 export)

- House hitpoints partially REVERTED to 1000hp (from 800hp).

- Ceasefire duration REVERTED to 20 seconds (from 15)

- Starting crates fixed to 500f 100w

- Starting crates fixed to 500f 300w
- "Naginata Rider Hitpoints" shipment reduced to 25% (from 30%)
- Japanese Isolation consulate units REVERTED to have +10% hp/attack like all consulate units (from 0%)
- Yamabushi Clubman cost increased to 65 export (from 60)

- Starting crates fixed to 100f 400w
- Abus Guns now do 0.75x vs warships (down from 1)

- Starting crates fixed to 300f 200w

- Starting crates fixed to 600f 200w
- All "Veteran" upgrades cost decreased to 200w 100c (from 200w 200c)

- Starting crates fixed to 400f 100w
- 1 Villager added to starting units


- "Recruit Buccaneer Fleet" (4 Privateers) shipment moved to Fortress Age (from Industrial); cost increased to 800 coin (from 500)
- "4 Advanced War Canoes" (4 War Canoes + 20% War Canoe Hitpoints) shipment added to the Industrial Age

- Can now construct wooden walls in the Imperial Age. Bastion upgrade is not available.
- "Earth Bounty" shipment changed from a small trickle of wood/coin to +20% Plantation Gather Rate

- Starting crates fixed to 300f 200w

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