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Farewell Ace of Spades

Posted: 18 Jul 2022, 19:07
by GKShaman
I want to extend a huge thank you to the community for helping make this RoyaL Clan and ESOC collaboration an enormous success! We really enjoyed putting this together and getting all the feedback. If you were able to participate in this tournament or be a viewer of this unique format.

PLEASE take our survey so we can get the feedback we need!

Also post any thank yous or particular feedback you wish! We really enjoyed this collaboration and made a simple ending video for the Tourney thanking the winners (@Ezad , @perez, @sompu , @princeofkabul @don_artie @kaister , @Aykin Haraka , and @Kynesie and the winners in silver: @asingh and @alex @Frank and @coxinga.

Huge thanks to the Committee: @n0el , @GandolfTheWhite7 (Joshua) , @FerDeLance , @Nicius , @enki, @JaiLeD , @cheese , @EliteRifleman , @ethanAOE , @vividlyplain , @wimpy, @jaxon, @Taoin, @I_HaRRiiSoN_I , @Jaegerchere . @LionHeart , @liam @breadsticks, @Widgie , and @chosen.

First time we got to see @VladTheJunior overlays which changed casting forever.

SIGN UP for Qualifier 3 HERE.