Rework Dutch Eco Church "Upgrade"

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United States of America dutchdude117
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Rework Dutch Eco Church "Upgrade"

Post by dutchdude117 »

What if instead of slowing unit speed by 10%, it instead slowed unit train speed by 15%

I think in its current state it is still unacceptable, and straight up not viable in most matchups.
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Italy Don Nameless
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Re: Rework Dutch Eco Church "Upgrade"

Post by Don Nameless »

Maybe, so dutch will have a harder time massing units :biggrin:
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China fei123456
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Re: Rework Dutch Eco Church "Upgrade"

Post by fei123456 »

Do Dutch need such a "nerf" for two banks? Remove the speed nerf and make it cost 500 gold instead.
Vietnam duckzilla
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Re: Rework Dutch Eco Church "Upgrade"

Post by duckzilla »

Remove speed nerf and make vills gather gold 10% slower.
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