A noob's journey to improvement: part 1

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A noob's journey to improvement: part 1

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Good evening everyone!

My name is Starlactite and I picked up aoe3 DE a few weeks ago. I have long been a fan of the game and I used to play around 2016-2017. I'd met some very nice people who helped me and gave me a few tips.

I picked-up DE at launch, but only really now started looking more into it (not much time in the past few years).

I hopped into ranked recently and got absolutely destroyed, so I took this as a fun opportunity to start improving!

Many of you on this forum are probably skilled veterans, so I thought that it might be fun for you to look at someone who has a fraction of your knowledge and tries to apply what you consider as very basic. I think I might post once a week or every-other week to keep you posted on how I'm improving. Somewhat an archive of my journey!

Back in the day I'd watch some games and casts of top level players and I'd be so impressed! H2O, Kaiserklein, Garja among many others. God I loved H2O explains. Also Knüschelbär was an absolute sweetheart. He played a game with me once. Got rekt tho but he was so supportive! Writing encouraging messages in all/chat whilst his sepoys were burning my banks and shooting down my vills!

I'm mainly a dutch player because I find the banks really fun and I love skirm laming age-2. Yaaaaaaaay attack move click musk one shot! (fck-cavvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv).

Here are some of the things that I have already somewhat have under my belt (insistence on the somewhat):
-Standard dutch BO although it isn't a science
-Attack move click

Here are some things that I need to work on:
-Hotkeys. Apart from t-v to train a settler I barely use them.
-This also goes for military unit groups
-I should probably have multiple decks, I currently only use one.
-Enhance my scouting since I am often quite surprised by enemy rushes.

I thought I might record one of my games and post it here so you could look at the unpolished-ness of my gameplay xD. Tell me if you'd find it interesting/fun!
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Re: A noob's journey to improvement: part 1

Post by iNcog »

Welcome, keep participating in forums and asking questions, people love to share their knowledge :)
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Garja wrote:
20 Mar 2020, 21:46
I just hope DE is not going to implement all of the EP changes. Right now it is a big clusterfuck.
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Re: A noob's journey to improvement: part 1

Post by Aykin Haraka »

don't mind to ask @princeofkabul for tips

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