UPDATE 15 58326

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Re: UPDATE 15 58326

Post by Miyawaki Sakura »

Italy can destroy India without going through 4 age with xbow spam after a safer and stronger musk semi 2falcs rush than France.
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Re: UPDATE 15 58326

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Serious question thought: Have anyone tried the advanced artillery card? That one that allows you to train mortars on age3. I think a musks + mortars push could potentially screw Italy's attempt to get to age IV.

I not playing the game actively nowadays admittedly, but I think that might be decent because like 1-2 years ago used to work for me against civs that used forts, towers and turtle hard like US and Otto.
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Re: UPDATE 15 58326

Post by Hazza54321 »

I think adv artilerry should send a mortar with the card. So its less of an investment with no short term payoff
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Re: UPDATE 15 58326

Post by Don Nameless »

I think the new mortar mechanics nonsense will create a balance problem or definitely negative emotions.
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