Bug on Scandinavia

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Bug on Scandinavia

Post by Lukas_L99 »

I just had to play a game with this great view, anyone knows why it happens and how to fix that? Playing around in the graphics options didn't do anything.
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Re: Bug on Scandinavia

Post by callentournies »

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Re: Bug on Scandinavia

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Post by harcha »

this must be how aoe2 players felt when they first saw aoe3 with bloom on
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Re: Bug on Scandinavia

Post by look »

You wanted fog, but you also wanted to see?
heheh aoe3 = real life
If I'm not mistaken, you can solve this configuration by deactivating one of the configurations, @kevinitalien taught me once
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Re: Bug on Scandinavia

Post by LionHeart »

Had this a couple of times, I believe turning the 'Bloom' effect off resolves it
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Re: Bug on Scandinavia

Post by Garja »

what about removing the eyecandy stuff like proper players regardless :chinese:
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