New tournament — K&B maps?

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New tournament — K&B maps?

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Today I thought of an idea of creating another tournament in a starvation fashion, but this time played on the Knight & Barbarians map set. It does have some hunts, but only a very small number of them, which is a similar setting to the current tourney that is going on. Rules would remain unchanged or be slightly adjusted to new circumstances, but the idea behind this would be the same. Of course that's a thing to consider after the Starve championship, maybe something more interesting for the future events. Waht do you guys think?
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Re: New tournament — K&B maps?

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I think it's a good idea. The K&B maps are very unknown and we can change that by showing it in a next season of the Starvation Tournament. Of course hunts should be removed and maps should be okay to play, but it's up to @forgrin I'd say. Keep it in mind!
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