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United States of America log
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14 Feb 2018, 23:43

Hi everyone. Took a pretty long break from aoe and was surprised to see RTSS was dead. Heard about this place from a friend and it's nice (and relieving) to see an active aoe3 community still. I look forward to playing some games with you guys.

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Czech Republic EAGLEMUT
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14 Feb 2018, 23:44

Welcome back!
momuuu wrote:theres no way eaglemut is truly a top player
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Canada Warno
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15 Feb 2018, 00:33

We just played a couple games on RE, you should download the patch and we will get a couple games going.
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New Zealand zoom
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15 Feb 2018, 00:50

United States of America log
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ESO: USMC_Logistics

15 Feb 2018, 22:13

I downloaded the fp, surprisingly easy.
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United States of America XeeleeFlower
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15 Feb 2018, 22:31

Welcome! If you're on Discord, be sure to join our server as well.
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Bavaria j_t_kirk
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15 Feb 2018, 23:47

Welcome :flowers:
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Australia Timba
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16 Feb 2018, 06:22

Welcome. This thread has a list of some active players on EP: /viewtopic.php?f=19&t=13183
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