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01 Apr 2018, 17:31

A quite nice match indeed.
This is my first post on this forum, here I bring you a match with a good friend Dontay, a quite good player and who helped me a lot to improve on my game.
That was a quite intense match, where the game ended up going to industrial age. At the start I tried making use of lordraphael's guide on how to play this particular match up, and it worked really well, i managed to fend up raids and take his tp whith 10 of my musks while i left other 5 to protect from any incoming raids, which resulted in a very good early fortress for me.
this game was very back and forward with both players trying to take control of the map, and very intense, unfortunately I still need to work on my late game, as any one who watch this game will see, it does need some work.
[RE SP] dontay[GE] vs luciofrancosi[FR] - ESOC Adirondacks.age3yrec
[RE] Lucio(French) vs Dontay(germans) on Adirondacks
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