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India princeofcarthage
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15 Apr 2018, 20:52

So these are some of the crisis of age 3 and I need communities opinion on how to tackle them.

1) @hleung wants to cut beef (@princeofcarthage ) in million pieces and feast upon for the next decade.
2) @hleung wants to cut igels (@EAGLEMUT ) wings and eat eaglewings for dinner. Reason: igel breaks things like esoc forums
3) @Ashvin doesn't exist, yet somehow he does things.
4) @Aizamk elifents can't fly so apparently not smart.
5) @jesus3 nail or nailed? Cross the correct one.
6) :hmm:
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Netherlands edeholland
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15 Apr 2018, 20:55

Thousands of messages from a 1700-member Discord server summed up in 6 points, nice.
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Kiribati SirCallen
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15 Apr 2018, 20:59

phpBB [video]
thank god for threads
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India Ashvin
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16 Apr 2018, 08:37

The only solution is to pest hleung:
Poll : pest hleung?
A: yes
B: option A

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