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Netherlands dietschlander
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16 Apr 2018, 13:32

don't ruin your beautiful nilla skin
Theres going to be a dam, the great dam and we'll let the beavers pay for it - Edeholland 2016
Anyway, nuancing isn't your forte, so I'll agree with you like I would with a 8 year old: violence is bad, don't do hard drugs and stay in school Benj98
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Italy Garja
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16 Apr 2018, 13:38

Tribal tattoo on lowe back, should suit you.
Germany Lenari
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16 Apr 2018, 15:29

Challenger_Marco wrote:Tattooing in armpit is good right? U won't getting nasty smell best! :uglylol: :uglylol:

that has nothing to do with sweat, it stinks cause of the bacterias :)
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Poland pecelot
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16 Apr 2018, 16:44

you could tattoo “don't” on your bawls
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Sweden Gendarme
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16 Apr 2018, 16:51

InsectPoison wrote:
umeu wrote:I suggest thish poem

Roses are red
Violets blue
Screw you!

This belongs in a museum.
Sounds dangerous. I'm in!
duck wrote:man it really sucks when you have to agree with gendarme on things

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