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Taiwan Vinyanyérë
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02 Oct 2018, 05:18


“Thou who art Trash, art chosen. In thine exodus from the Autumn Tournament, maketh pilgrimage to the land of the Ancient Losers. When thou playeth for your Second Chance, the fate of the Trashcans thou shalt know” - Oscar of Grouchland

With another major underway, the real star of the show is making another appearance. The end of the placement matches signals the beginning of the fourth ESOC Second Chance Tournament, and to celebrate this momentous occasion, we’re launching this with triple the prize pool of the previous Second Chances.

There’s something inexplicably enjoyable about watching matches between bad players. Whether it’s the Razzie awards, “so bad it’s good” films, clown fiestas, baron throws, or the Star Wars sequels, it seems that an integral part of the human experience is to find enjoyment in watching disasters unfold. And that’s what we’re bringing. We’ll be bringing coverage of the Autumn 2018 Second Chance Tournament to all of you, deciding who will take the crown of “Best of the Worst”.

To put the trashcan meme aside for a moment, though, we shouldn’t be too hard on these players, because the field is looking stacked.

The first and second best Treaty players of all time, Conquerer999 and Lukas_L99, complete with their 200+ IQs, are making a run at the Golden Trashcan after disappointingly short runs in the Autumn Major. Memeology Ph.D.s like afdafa, sheckler, and gibson are showing up as well, demonstrating that this tournament will have no shortage of entertainment. The “almost, but not quite” fan favorites, always on the cusp of breaking into the top tier of competitive play, present themselves in Jerimuno, RSY, Mongobillione, and bwinner. Cornerstones of the ESO Community, like yoqpasa, Pikilic, Mr_Bramboy, and others (there’s too many names to mention all of them) show up as well, making every match every bit as dramatic as a LordRaphael vs. _H2O.

The sign-ups are overflowing with players who will be a joy to spectate, a joy to commentate, and a joy to practice with. We’ll be running Second Chance matches concurrently with the main event, streaming as many of the games as we reasonably can. Keep an eye out on Twitch and YouTube for commentary on the exciting matches that we’re sure to experience.
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Netherlands MCJim
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03 Oct 2018, 13:23

Looking forward to it!
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Brazil look
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08 Oct 2018, 16:23

Hmm those new guys esoc does not know anything.. hahah
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Brazil lemmings121
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08 Oct 2018, 17:02

hey new guy! yes you duck!

Respect look_tom, The first disciple of kickass.

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Tuvalu gibson
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10 Oct 2018, 17:35

Wow I’m listed in the troll list when I easily beat all the “almost on the brink of breaking into top tier competitive play” players with my monitor off while getting a manicure
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Kiribati SirCallen
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10 Oct 2018, 18:06

Can I sign up?
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Tuvalu gibson
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10 Oct 2018, 18:40

no savageking
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Netherlands dietschlander
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10 Oct 2018, 18:45

great stuff
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