Vietnam Hazza54321
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06 May 2019, 18:45

[EP6 SP] Hazza54321[BR] vs GiBthedurrty[PT] - ESOC Florida.age3yrec
(939.17 KiB) Downloaded 16 times
ESOC Florida
ESOC Florida
Rules: Supremacy (1v1)
Version: ESOC Patch 6.0
Length: 10 minutes
[EP6 SP] Hazza54321[AZ] vs GiBthedurrty[PT] - ESOC Baja California.age3yrec
(970.31 KiB) Downloaded 13 times
ESOC Baja California
ESOC Baja California
Rules: Supremacy (1v1)
Version: ESOC Patch 6.0
Length: 19 minutes
[EP6 SP] Hazza54321[FR] vs GiBthedurrty[JP] - Deccan.age3yrec
(957.63 KiB) Downloaded 12 times
Rules: Supremacy (1v1)
Version: ESOC Patch 6.0
Length: 16 minutes
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United States of America GiBthedurrty
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ESO: [YumiW]-GiBthedurrty

06 May 2019, 18:55

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Austria KINGofOsmane
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06 May 2019, 19:12

NA! oh wait
"gua has good mechanics" GiBthedurrty 2017
"Losing to Callen was the worst night of my life" Gibthedurrty 2019
"If hazza can get pr42 with team i can get pr50 with 1v1" Gibthedurrty 2018
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Canada Mitoe
ESOC Media Team
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06 May 2019, 19:27

:cry: NA
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Brazil Kickass_OP
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06 May 2019, 19:28

poor Gib :(
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Armenia Sargsyan
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06 May 2019, 19:53

How ?
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Turkey Gafur
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ESO: Gafur

06 May 2019, 19:55

Friendly fire will not be tolerated
mentally healthy
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Kiribati SirCallen
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06 May 2019, 20:10

NA can't have too many players advance to LAN, or else there will be no one to practice against in the NA practice squad. All per plan, I'm afraid, for the greatest good.
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Brazil look
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06 May 2019, 20:28

Rip soldier?
Kaiser sucks
Garja Noob
grunt the best
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Papua New Guinea kaister
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ESO: kaister

06 May 2019, 20:36

Would rather lose 3-0 Reppin NA than win the tourney as anything else @GiBthedurrty

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